Volley-ball tournament and barbecue at Éric's place

This year, the now usual lab barbecue came after a volley-ball tournament. There were more spectators than anticipated, even though they were probably only here for the university football match that took place at the same time.

The winners (of volley-ball, not football) were the Matriptase team. Congratulations to the players for their sports skills and their cohesion, which made them win the tournament without cheating. Some players of the opposing teams did express their doubts regarding the fact that Pierre-Luc, organizer of the tournament, was part of the winning team. They are just malicious tongues, but it is noteworthy that Pierre-Luc's replies on the matter were somewhat elusive.

After the tournament (which miraculously ended on time, despite the military parkour stand which occupied the fields when we arrived), everybody gathered back at the boss' place to drink and eat.

The winners!
From left to right, top: Antoine, Paul, Alex.
From left to right, bottom: Patrice, Pierre-Luc, Catherine.
Matriptase Team
From left to right: Thomas, Constance, Éloïc, Marc-André, Baptiste and Catherine.
Third Place Team
From left to right: Kumar, Alex, Ludovic, Marc and Kien.
The loosers
From left to right: Christine, Étienne, Jude, Hassan, Hussein et Christian.
The beast
Nothing better than a piece of meat to bring back together the proud volley players.
The crowd
And in the end, nobody was hungry or thirsty anymore.