• Collaborative Research & Development grant from NSERC (E. Marsault, R. Leduc, P. Sarret) in collaboration with Tranzyme Pharma : Macrocyclic peptidomimetics as molecular probes for peptidergic GPCRs.
  • Hassan Traboulsi (PhD U. Louis Pasteur, Strasbourgjoins the lab as a postdoc.


  • Marc-André Bonin (PhD U. Sherbrooke) joins the lab as research assistant.


  • Grant from Consortium Québécois de Découverte du Médicament - CQDM (E. Escher, M. Grandbois, P. Charrette, E. Marsault, V. Aimez, A. Carpentier, V. Poitout et C. Allen) : Evanescent field biosensors for the real time detection of multiple analytes ex vivo & in vivo.


  • Philippe Hogan (BSc Limestone College, South Carolina) joins the lab as MSc student.
  • Projet innovant grant from FRSQ, in collaboration with IPS and Centre de Recherche Clinique Étienne Le Bel (S. Marchand, A. Carpentier, B. Guérin, M. Lepage, R Lecomte, E. Marsault, R. Day, E. Turcotte, C. Auray-Blais) : Integration of pharmacology and diagnostic imaging.
  • FQRNT team grant (F. Malouin, E. Marsault, K. Bouarab) : Elucidation of the mode of action of a new antibiotic against persistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Alexandre Trottier joins the lab for Summer internship (labo M.-F. Langlois).
  • Dominic Duchêne joins the lab for Summer internship (labo R. Najmanovich). Dominic obtained a fellowship from IPS.


  • Alexandre Murza obtains the Domenico Regoli fellowship from IPS.


  • Eloïc Colombo (Master U. Montpellier II) joins the lab as PhD student.
  • Alexandre Murza (Master U. Mulhouse) joins the lab as PhD student.